La cavàna is a covered boathouse shelter for boats typical of all the Venetian lagoon and inland rivers. In the earliest depictions, Cavane are represented as pole-shelters covered in straw or local lagoon reeds, similar to the local ancient land dwellers. In the terminology of Venetian gondoliers’ way of saying “go in Cavana” means the mass of the boats working in hospitality to visitors and travelers, retire at  the end of the shift of laborious activities, to and within a welcome and restful, if rustic, shelter.

For this reason, Sabrina and Alberto and Agata invite you to enjoy a break from your everyday activities, to join them in their home in the peaceful countryside between Padua, Venice and Chioggia, in a simple and genuine italian regional environment.

You can enjoy our expansive garden, organic fruits and vegetables (in season), various farm animals, and have the chance to cycle, hike and enjoy boat tours in the Venice lagoon and in the Brenta river areas.

Bed & Breakfast, Organic Food and More